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By , August 11th, 2012 | No Comments

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I know that some of you were probably hoping that the title of this article indicated there was an equivalent of a AA group for money bloggers (it might be something worth starting because I’m sure there would be big money in it!) Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your perspective), this article is about the exact opposite. It will discus working together with other like-minded bloggers to help each other expand our base of readers and social networks. The best part is that it’s free, completely voluntary and you’ll get to (virtually) meet a great bunch of other like-minded bloggers.

Anyone that has been blogging for more than a little while knows that there is much more that is required than simply writing quality posts. One of the biggest issues is getting new people to see what you have written. While certainly possible on your own, it’s a time-consuming process that takes time away from writing the posts. While the money blog help group won’t make the time needed in this area disappear, it can greatly reduce the time needed to build and increase your social networks and get others to share your articles with their social media groups so that more people do see what you write.

The main aspect of the group is for each member to share their best article(s) each week to the member “read list.” When a member shares an article, all the other members will read it and decide if it’s something that they feel that their social media (facebook, twitter and G+) readers would enjoy. If they do, then they will share the article. If they don’t, they simply delete it from the read list.

In addition, we have a bi-monthly giveaway for your site using rafflecopter so each member can place the same giveaway on their blog (example if you are unfamiliar with this giveaway tool). The money for the giveaway is provided by sponsors so there is no cost to you. To enter the giveaway, readers must do one thing for your site that you desire them to do (join your rss feed, join your facebook page, follow you on twitter, comment on an article, etc.) All the members that participate will get to do this, so the readers on your site can enter the contest multiple times as they go down the list of ways to enter. The advantage of this group giveaway rather than doing a giveaway by yourself is that 1) It doesn’t cost you any money. 2) There will be a much greater number of people who will participate than a contest only on your blog since it will be on numerous blogs.

If helping each other out while helping yourself sounds like it may be of interest to you, simply create a username and then email me your username with “Money Blog Help Group” in the title to [email protected] — once I receive your username I will add you to the member area (We originally set this up by email, but it quickly got overwhelming for members, so we created a private group where members can look at other member posts on their schedule). Also feel free to contact me (either through email or with a comment below) with any questions you have.

The worst that can happen is that you get a bunch of free likes, tweets and G+ to your favorite blog post and I’m confident that you will find joining the group to be well worth your time.

Some of the blogs that are currently part of the group:

Modest Money
Work Save Live
Blogging Away Debt
Saving Advice
Broke-Ass Mommy
Rule Your Wallet
Debt Upset

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