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The Free Saving Advice Coupon Class

By , September 15th, 2011 | 2 Comments »

In an earlier article, I talked about the pros and cons of signing up for a coupon class.

While there are some plusses to such classes, much of what you will learn can be found online for free. Even better, it can be found right here at Saving Advice.

Below I’ve compiled a list of the best coupon articles that have run here over the years. Everything that I learned in that coupon class (minus the tactics that are specific to my local stores) is covered in these articles. Enjoy the free coupon class.

Getting the Most Out of Coupons: A basic how-to primer for using, organizing, and maximizing coupons.

10 Great Places to Find Coupons: Where you can find coupons, beyond the Sunday paper.

Organic Food Coupons: If you think all coupons are for junk, here are some sources for coupons for organic foods.

Healthy Couponing: More tips on finding and using coupons on healthy items.

Why I Am Not the Least Bit Embarrassed to Use Coupons: Some advice on getting over the discomfort of presenting a stack of coupons at the register.

The Truth About Extreme Couponing: Why extreme couponing might not work for you and why you shouldn’t expect to replicate the shopping trips you see on TV.

Saving Money on Groceries with the Coupon Mom Method: A quick primer on combining sales with coupons and knowing when to buy certain items.

Super Couponers: Don’t Get Discouraged by Them: A pre-Extreme Couponing article about how to avoid being discouraged when it seems that some people are able to get so much more by using coupons.

Six Supermarket Saving Secrets: Covers the basic grocery shopping strategies such as keeping a price book, comparing package sizes, shopping the loss leaders, and planning meals around what’s on sale.

Reasons Not to Coupon: Someone on another site wrote an article about why couponing is a waste of time and money. This article for Saving Advice rebuts these points and argues that it really is worth the time and money.

Stockpiling to Save Money: How and why creating a basic stockpile (not a grocery store in your own house) can save you money and time.

How to Create a Price Book: A detailed forum post on how to create a price book and why you should have one.

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  • ednalyon says:

    Most of the coupon mom see coupons in our newspapers but it can be difficult to find coupons for exact product, for instance I always use printable coupons or “Printapons” search online to find your coupons

  • Sho says:

    I would love to know how these people do this. I am disabled and live in an apartment complex with other very ill people. I am a minister who helps out everyone all the time with food, electric bills, rent, because people cant make it on the monthy income we get….and this year it will get worse. We got a 12 dollar raise, but our rent went up 25 and our foodstamps dropped 30, so I don’t know how this year is going to work, when last year, people would go days and days without eating. everything I own has been given to me or from garage sales ( at the end when they give things away) and I know I am called to help those around me, and I do, every single month, but then, as my friends say, it puts me in a bind at the end of the month, and I go days without eating. I have a fatal heart and lung condition at age 46, ad know why I am here is to change things. With the economy the way it is , and cuts being made, people are truly suffering!! I got a tv this year from the garbage, and a friend gave me a subscription fro 3 months to netflix, that is how I saw the show, and I want to know how to do this, so I can use the stuff to help those around me, if anyone can really help, I’d love to know how. I wouldn’t have room to hord it, because my goal is to help many people! I dont care how much time it takes, I have people who need the things these poeple are able to get for free. Please, if you have anyu real advise, I am open to trying anything to support my ministry!! tHIS WAS THE WORSE XMAS EVER… couldn’t even afford togive mky children gifts this year


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