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Need Money? Get Naked!

By , September 8th, 2008 | 513 Comments »

A friend of mine recently told me her money secret. She has a modest job, yet always has the latest gadgets: flat screen TVs, home theater system, the works. She also recently had new carpet put in her basement and bought an air-hockey table for her rec room.

I finally asked her how on earth she was paying for all of this. At first I thought I was going to get the standard answer, that it was all part of an ever-growing credit card balance. I wasn’t even close, and I was even more floored by the real answer.

When she needs extra money, to either pay off debt, fix her house, or buy the things she wants, she sells naked photos of herself on the Internet. If she’s feeling extra frisky, she sells her underwear, too. She’s been doing it for five years, unbeknownst to her friends and her employer. Her haul? About $6,000 a year, or an average of $500 a month.

Wow. It never even occurred to me that earning money that way was possible, unless you worked in a strip club or were a “professional” porn star.

The professional adult entertainment industry generated $12.5 billion in revenue in 2005, according to one trade group. But apparently there are entire Web sites filled with average-looking real women who are making plenty of money in the Internet adult industry, that aren’t included in that total.

The barriers to entry are so low, almost anyone can do it. All you need is a cheap digital camera and some basic photo editing software, and you’re in business.

My friend stumbled on this several years ago, after she was laid off from a relatively high-paying job. Unemployment checks weren’t covering the bills, it was taking longer than she expected to find a job that paid enough, and she needed a way to make ends meet.

She had long been selling random items on eBay. When she sold a pair of her old high-heeled shoes there, the buyer told her about an adults-only auction site where she could sell her girlie cast offs, like shoes, dresses, etc., as well as naughty photos and videos for a lot more than she was bringing in on eBay.

Β She tried it out and the money was so good, she became one of the thousands of ordinary people hosting adult auctions online and turning a tidy profit. She just posts a few Playboy centerfold-like photos two or three times a week, she says, and the money rolls in.

“It was an easy way to make money at home in my pajamas,” she said. “And it turns out, I made a lot of friends online.”

She enjoyed it so much that when she got a new job, she didn’t quit.

She insists that what she does isn’t shady. There is no prostitution and she isn’t sitting at home producing amateur hard-core pornographic movies. The only contact she has with her customers is online, either through the auction site or a separate email account she has just for running her “side business.”

After a little research, I discovered that auctions are only one of many ways folks are making money online in their birthday suits. Some sites pay up front for nude photos, and then post them in their members-only areas. One site I stumbled across pays (ahem) extremely well-endowed women a minimum of $200 for topless photos. Another very popular site features artsy nude photos of young hipster women with tattoos and pays at least $200 a session. That kind of money isn’t to be taken lightly, especially if you are in a pinch and aren’t shy about baring all for strangers.

Obviously, earning money this way isn’t for everyone. But I will say you don’t have to be a supermodel to do it. My friend is pretty, but not gorgeous, average build — but dare I say, a little bit pudgy — in her late 30s, and she is doing quite well.

As an aside, if you’re going to get your groove on, consider getting a nice pair of shoes to go with your sexy self.

If nudity doesn’t conflict with your beliefs or your relationships, making money on Internet adult sites could be a significant money maker that can pay as much or better than a part-time job. (and without the unpleasant bosses and scheduling conflicts that can come with moonlighting). If it’s something you wouldn’t mind doing check out It could definitely get you a lot closer to your financial goals, whether it’s paying off debt, paying for school, or putting money in your savings account.

If taking nude pictures conflicts with your beliefs then check out these other ways you can make money on the side.

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(Image courtesy of Lies Thru a Lens)

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  • drake says:

    That is one way that I I never considered making money. I have a feeling that it would be a lot harder for a man to do than a woman.

  • faith says:

    You should be ashamed of yourself for suggesting such a thing to make money. It’s filth and will only bring horror and blight in the name of God to anyone that embarks on something so sinful. You do a disservice to everyone who is trying to get out of debt when you suggest such immoral options that go against the work of God.

    • Hannah says:

      Well as different people pray to different gods, sort of makes a mockery of your statement, who are you to judge what others can do.

    • Lissa says:

      It amazes me how religious people are so against showing off the human form. Nowhere in the Bible does it say anything about nudity being a bad thing. I like my body,I like being naked. So why not? Another thing, not everyone believes in a God. Me being one of them. The human body is not flith, nor is showing it off. Open your mind.

    • People say says:

      You must have forgotten but we are all born nude so why is it wrong to be nude? Adam and Eve were nude. Why is it filth if that’s the way God has us come into this world??

    • Sneha says:

      Hi Faith,
      If you think this immoral, what the heck are you doing on this website in the first place. Even if you were looking to g4et rid of your debts, Can’t you read? The title of this website was very clear as to what it suggests. Then why the hell did you click on it?

    • susan nowak says:

      when I was younger I use to have so many hang ups etc.. about sex, men, playing with your self, desire, and so on, it ruined my sex life back then, but now I think of it all differently i would think before that it was all bad, all evil, sinning, now I think God made sex for everyone to enjoy, I believe he would want us to, there is not a think wrong with it, or touching your self, or fantasies, its people like the above who gave us all head trips about it when we were young touch your self you’ll go blind, go to hell, Gods watching, its fine as long as we know the truth, and teach our kids, its okay to enjoy life, sex, to feel desire, and teach them the correct ways of being, the above type don’t know better they were taught that way from there parents, so let them think what they like, who cares really, she needs to get laid I think smiles

    • Callie says:

      Faith needs to get laid πŸ˜‰

    • Johnny says:

      It kills me when people get on here and put people down with gods morals…the article title says need money get naked. For one, WTF did you think it was going to be about? Two, you better be ready for the ride to hell with us because what is a god fearing OMG this is so wrong person out here googling and reading articles about getting naked for money. Don’t your Bible say pick out your own plank before you worry about my splinter. So either gods a hypocrite or your just pretending to be a Christian for your own ignorance and lack of self control.

  • justme says:

    how come so many weird spots latley? these used to contain real information

    now they are just weird and and trying to shock and its just dumb and I am getting tired of it

  • sir jorge says:

    there are no major links, this post makes it seem too easy, and I know from first hand experience that it’s not that simple.

  • pfadvice says:

    @ Justme

    You will find that there will be a wider variety of articles due to a number of new writers for the blog. Instead of a single article a day, there will be 2 or three daily. This will mean that they will bring in a lot of different views compared to the past.

  • justme says:

    #5 okay I guess I will just learn to ignore these odd ones;-)

    I really prefer real finance info I do not think selling panties qualifies but what do I know LOL

  • MollyJ says:

    I actually think it’s interesting. I mean, it is a valid way to make money, if you are OK with that sort of thing. And it’s certainly not the same-old typical advice you see out there. I think maybe this site is trying to give us something we won’t see on Bankrate or MSN money, some food for thought. Just my two cents.

    • damhotti says:

      perfectly valid for people who are into it, everyone has different likes so if ur comfortable why nnot, and u are helping the peole who need to fullfil their fantasies, which should not be frowned upon. i just made $100 for two pairs of my worn knickers . didnt show my face, did not have sex or give identity out, totally annn n cost me nothing but my old underwear that needed replacing. n i made a guy very happy , nothing wrong with it. would people rather me sell my body. im desperate for the money, cant work due to an an injury working for the government. school fees paid. no guilt as i made someone happy

  • pretty cheap jewelry says:

    oh you are going to catch some major flack on this!

    Nothing matters except —–

    Does the use of, and availability of images negatively impact women in the long run? Does it result in increased domestic violence, abuse, or decreased wages or cultural esteem?

    Someone give some studies, numbers and factual answers.

  • nagel_77 says:

    This is a great idea! I actually used to be a stripper, in order to explore my exhibitionist streak. This option is far better than grinding away in seedy nightclubs. I might consider that option. Thanks for such a daring article! Some of us here appreciate this out of the box thinking.

    • Lula Lexington says:

      Word sister. I sell my panties, webcam and I am a phone sex operator for a living and I love my jobs. My God isn’t trippin.

  • greengirl says:

    i think this article is fine.
    do we have to flog the ‘negatively impacts women’ dead horse?
    atleast these women are doing it for themselves and are not being forced to do it, or it is not done against their knowledge.
    you can go on and on about how this affects women, but the fact is we’ve heard it all before.
    one thing that affects me, personally, is all these people saying how ‘wrong’ it is that a woman made this choice to put her own naked photos up and make money from it.
    i’m a woman, and i want that choice available to me. to put the suggestion down, and make it out to be dirty and wrong, is making womens choices wrong.
    so all those people out there saying that because they feel like they’re advocating womens rights, look how wrong you are right now, by putting that suggestion down you’re taking away a choice.

    • Nora Raine says:

      greengirl, I love everything about your comment. Judging women for their personal decisions to do what they want with their bodies is not standing up for women – it is belittling them.

      Women should be able to do anything they please with their bodies so long as it hurts no one else, including sell nude photos. I see using what their mama gave them as also using their minds because it is being strategic.

    • Donnell says:

      Pictures of yourself getting flogged is another lucrative niche. And you can consider it as a way of absolving yourself if you have any moral qualms about the nudity. Be sure to throw in a coupld of hard whacks, if that is the case!

  • Chris H says:

    I don’t think I could talk my girlfriend into buying naked pictures of me out of pity πŸ™‚

  • D K Kunar says:

    The idea is not bad. what’s there to be ashamed of your nude body to be seen by strangers. It’s hust like any other female body. Nude female Form is beautiful creation of God. And no harm is caused to anybody, so where’s the objection? Emancipated lady of the year.
    Good work.

  • mahanda says:

    if i thought anyone would want pictures of this overweight 56 year old grandma??? may work
    would like to get the credit card debt down. thanks lapeet1

  • Jay Gatsby says:

    Anyone ever consider the fact that there is now software being used by employers to scan MySpace, Facebook, etc… looking for employees that post pictures online? Remember, once you post something to the internet (or e-mail it to someone), it’s out there FOREVER. Put simply, you can ruin your career (or prevent one from ever taking root) by putting yourself out there in your birthday suit.

    • Donnell says:

      A good-fitting Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton mask could help in that regard. They are public figures, so you should be safe legally…but check with a qualified attorney just in case!

  • Pat MaGroine says:

    So I ask you- which is the biggest whore? Her for selling her skin or the person that wrote this garbage to “push”…. think about it.

    • Donnell says:

      But then, don’t we all “prostitute” ourselves to some extent in the workplace? Whether we slave away at a keyboard and come down with Carpal tunnel syndrome OR we work in the oilfield til we wrench our back really bad OR we play pro football for big bucks and damage our brains or blow out a knee and limp the rest of our lives! This nude pic thing is starting to sound like a physically and psychologically pretty healthy choice!

  • Don says:

    What’s your friend going to do when her nude pics are passed around her place of employment, the school her kids attend, her husband/boyfriend’s friends, posted on other people’s website, etc? It’ll happen eventually, especially since she’s telling people about it and where to find the pics.

    If she hasn’t considered any of that, she should.

  • anon says:

    Good point Don..

    Rarely do people think of the future. In this case, this is a ‘side business’ – hidden from her family/friends.

  • IVSPORT says:

    It can’t stay hidden forever. Someone’s going to stumble on her pics and say “Isn’t that so and so” and then it will spread like wildfire. I’d be wary of anyone saying that they could keep it a secret forever.

  • MollyJ says:

    I googled some of those sites and it looks like none of the women have their faces in the pictures. Maybe she could keep it a secret. Unless she had tattoos or a really noticeable mole πŸ™‚

  • zainuddin ab rahim says:

    i thought that this article will be about nudist. nudist is define as a person who goes naked wherever possible. so how it is linked with being rich? saving on clothing! i don’t think so unless your budget for clothes per year is more than 10K. absud article!

  • miley says:

    i think this is wonderful posting i myself do the exact same thing adn i dont find it sinful according to the word of God, God gave me this body and the beauty it holds, why not get paid for it? im not prostituting, i use a fake name on my website, i can dress up or dress down, put on temporary tattoos, cover real tattoos, wear wigs, dye my hair, anything to be who i want to be and feel beautiful for doing it. my husband is in the military and a lot of his friends have probably seen my pics online, not one of them has mentioned it to me if they have , probably because imnot wearing my usual clothing and hair styles nad makeup in my daily routine as i would in my photos and videos, and the few that know what i do want to know how to get their wives into it as well. so i dont see it being wrong in any way if every woman looked liek angelina jolie, katie holmes, jessica alba, or denise richards at any given age, i guarantee somewhere around 85% of you would be doing something along the same lines of using your beauty to make money, and thats all i ( and this other woman, and many across the US and other countries) are doing, trying to make ends meet without spending every waking minute working some dead end job to pay the rent. and we get to feel beautiful doing it, no matter whether we are 18 and firm, or 65 and 300 pounds, guys want to see real girls, and its safe to say that the adult entertainment industry isnt going anywhere anytime soon, as opposed to having a job as a mortgage broker or in stocks. so those of you who do not agree with this kind of work, probably need a boost in teh self-esteem area of your lives!

    • Syrena says:

      I know this an old post, but where do you sell your nude pictures? Nowhere on this whole blog can I find sites to go to in order to do this.

  • Gail says:

    Very sad that the cycles keeps progressing–women selling their bodies in whatever form to make money. This shows an absence of moral values and most likely someone that in their childhood was sexually abused (as many stats on people who are into pornography shows). What this woman is doing is pornography plan and simple.

    She apparently isn’t even doing this for food or to keep a shelter over her head, but for an air-hockey game!!! She needs help.

  • mikael christiansen says:

    nudity is the most natural world so why not monetize it knew some people would pay for it

  • Angel says:

    I would like more information on how to do this.

  • shahrul azwad says:

    This is just not for everyone. I fear it will haunt me back in the future.

  • Susan says:

    Please send me the info also

  • Crystal says:

    I have actually been looking for an online site that does this. its a very simple way to make some money. i better go find a site.!!!

  • SKitten says:

    what auction site did she use?

  • jezabel211 says:

    What sites did she send the photos to? I would totally do this to make extra money, but can’t find any sites

  • Mike says:

    How did you find the sites to sell nude pictures to? I can’t find any. What are the sites?

  • Sheila kotze says:

    i would love to know if it is posible for me to send you photoes of my self i am 22 years old and i am a good looling woman.. i would like to know how it works and how much money i wii recieve>>>>

  • NEEDCASH says:

    i just wanna make some money cuz i know that im going to be broke after xmas πŸ™

  • bluepearlgirl says:

    Those out there that think that the body of a naked woman is immoral, needs to take a trip down the block, onto a street, onto a plane and out of their idealized world. Maybe the world would be better if women didn’t have the power of sexuality and we could all be safe! but…REALITY PEOPLE!! We live in a world of false illusions and picket fenses so to feel safe in the world we want to know not necissairly the world that EXISTS! This is so infuriating to me, as a woman, to hear people saying in the name of “God” how dare a woman be seen (naked) how “God” put them here! It is not the women who should be scorned, it is you, who can not accept the fact that naked can be beautiful! Would you call Michangelo’s work sinful? The real issue is the fact that sexuality EXISTS. It has to to keep our species going remember? If you are gonna get your panties all in a bunch, i find it interesting that there was not one mention of the men purchasing these photos responsibility to the “downfall of humanity”. This is because it is only taught for women to be ashamed of their bodies thanks to people like you. What you should really be scared of is the curent state of the world. Greed out sins nudity ANY DAY in my book!

    ps…Sorry, no offense god! I love her!

  • David says:

    Pls i need a site where i can post my nude pictures and get paid for it

  • aa_dicapo says:

    i would so do this. more info pleeeeeze im broke and have been thinking about this sorta gig but cant find the sites. what site did she use?

  • Dawn says:

    would love top get more info. what website do i go to. how do i get started doin this. sounds fun haha! and im boke as heck πŸ™

  • DIPSONA says:


    No girl or woman should be ashamed of showing off the beautiful creation of God.One of my friends is very keen to post her nude photographs in the website and get paid as well to augment her expenses for studies abroad. She is not ready to sell her body physically but willing to sale only nude photos. She has beautiful figure and firm boobs to show off.
    Websites and the how to go about it.

  • stop judging says:

    There was a news article a couple of years ago how even women in very strict countries such as Saudi Arabia are posing nude online. Big deal if some women want to do this and as long as it is their personal choice, let them. Too all the ladies who are acting shocked that other women pose nude online, how do you know what your husband and boyfriend do when you are not around?

  • virgo706 says:

    i have been lookin for these kind of sites all day and somehow came your story….what are the websites?!

  • infinitie69 says:

    give me the name of the sites…that will pay 4 ur naked female photos….i have some niice ones

  • Liz says:

    I have been thinking about doing something like this for a while. I have had a hard time trying to figure out how or where I could sell my photos or videos online and actually get paid.

  • Dee says:

    Great article just wished it listed a website you can do shots that do not require your face. I think the article was tastefully done.

  • Shawna says:

    Dear faith,
    one god loves us just the way we are for any of a sins we may do it dont mater god well love us no matter what, and hes cool what you dont think about i know him, hes not mean he wouldnt send us to hell for showing are bodys, he did make them and hes seen every one of them..nvm you wouldnt understand whats really going on about the world 18 F NY and i know i seem imature but i know what god wants and it may sound crazy but he talks to me and i talk to him, he may not even be god who knows but the bible isnt real btw just letting you know. my life is perfict and hes in it and i trust him and he wants you to stop thinking what the goverment brian washed you about him. im also no rich nor the best person in the world i just know that god wouldnt want us to juge others and make them feel like shit for needing to make money there is no sin wors then being mean, in my eyes the worst thing in this world is hate and people who are mean…but it dont matter no one well ever see it my way the lion and the lamb to be friends..dont you rember that?
    any ways im not werid or anything lol i was kinda thinking of doing that for work as well.

  • soph says:

    Im interested in selling my pictures. Please email me with any and all information


  • Leah says:

    I would like to do this. I have been trying to figure out how to get started.. any ideas?

  • Chris says:

    i am want to do porn to if there is anyone out there that can help let me know i have the thing to do it trust me

  • Rae says:

    I am interested in doing somthing like this. Can you send me the information to get started. Thanks!

  • judy says:

    can u tell me where these BBW women sold their pics…cuz i have over 97 pics and i need money…

  • Steve Kenne says:

    I am a 46 yr old male Big guy wanting to know more about making money for nude photos.

  • Scarlett says:

    if anyone knows how i can start or where please e-mail me thanks!

  • Kim says:

    I want to be paid for my naked pictures

  • fiesty says:

    im kind of a heavy set woman and i think this idea of selling your nude photos online is good because first its a good way to feel good about yourself and second it brings in the money what can be easier just drop the cloths and snap you are paid i think ill try it!!!!

  • summer says:

    i would like 2 do this email me some sites so i can check it out thanks

  • Rodrigo says:

    do you know a website about this?, I would like to be a part of this.

  • Kassandra says:

    I think its a great idea!!! what are the sites called that you do this on.. i would love to auction some pictures.. i am good looking and have body tattoos…

  • Seren01 says:

    I think that maybe a lot of you take this article a little to to heart, at the end of the day if you do not agree with what the writer has written then you know where the back button is and the little cross at the right hand side of your screen.
    Now this article is not for the faint hearted, and many people may see it as a breach of a woman’s rights, but at the end of the day woman choose to do that as a job, and she also enjoyed her job by the sounds of things, and perhaps im being a little mean when i say this, but are you people just jealous because you do not have the self confidence or the ability to openly express your sexuality, and realize that we are not in the 17 hundreds anymore, this is the year 2000 people, and women can freely express their sexuality as much as they want.

    • Donnell says:

      Unless you are in some nasty ass, horrible Muslim country where the guys get off much more on abusing, brutalizing, and raping women (and worse) than admiring their beauty and sexuality!!!

  • lucia says:

    I think its a good idea.. what are the sites called that you do this on.. i’m thinking i would love try it..

  • Lovely Lynn says:

    I would like to know the site that she used. I’ve been trying to sell my pictures but i’m having no luck. My boyfriend is fine with me doing this. He is the one who takes the pictures for me.

  • Aphrodite says:

    If you go to and sign up.Some one will hit you up quickly with a request! have to be secretive about it tho

  • lisa says:

    please send me the sites/info

  • micah says:

    i think that this is very interesting and would like to find sites that you can sell these type of photos to for money. And i would also appriciate it if the people that only have negative comments stop waisting their time. Just go read something that interests you, and I wont talk trash about it.

  • elaine says:

    I don’t think its anyting wrong with it… i think most of you are anal and tightwads… sex sells… you see it on tv, commercials, movies, hell its everywhere…prostitution is the oldest profession and yes its a profession many many people make money off of it and the only reason why the government has it illegal and if I can give you some knowledge its legal in many places is because they can’t tax it! Men are the rulers of this country they can’t stop themselves from getting a hard one without even looking at a picture… come on who’s filthy atleast make some money off of men’s disorders HA!

  • missa says:

    pls email me with some sites..this is exactly what i am interested in doing!

  • Talbot says:

    Wow, I’m amazed with some of the responses! Although,I believe everything has its place; to think of nudity as dirty or as as a sin against GOD?!?!!? That’s the most contradictory way of thinking that I have ever heard!

    So if God CREATED us. How then, can HE be offended by His own creation?!

    There’s nothing more beautiful than a nude woman. So, if the images are tastefully done, go for it.

    We have to change that retrograde mentality that something so beautiful can be a sinful. We should respect it, appreciate it and elevate it! and

  • matso says:

    This is exactly what i am looking for!
    pls email me with some sites..

  • heather says:

    I would really like, if possible for someone to email me the name of sites that will pay me for my nude pictures and my homemade sex videos. BLISS

  • Catan says:

    i never considered making money this way but i would love to try it. what is the name of the site?????

  • john doe says:

    wear do I sign up ( I’m a straight guy)

  • kelley says:

    Im thinking I should have checked this site out along time ago. Hey I have what it takes and very proud of my breast. And yes they are the real deal. Why not? Give it a shot. Wished I thought of this 10 years ago.

  • Ramon says:

    Can you please mention what are the webpages she used?

  • lisa says:

    At least 10 people are begging 4 the site names, but no responses. Come on, where is the original writer? :-(((((

  • Tammy says:

    i would love to do this. could i get some more information on how to do this and not get screwed~~

  • Jewelz says:

    How can we start?

  • kate says:

    So, where can I sell these pix?

  • april says:

    omfg i had to comment on two things one this sounds like an awesome way to make extra money and two: to the stupid christians that find this site shut up if you dont like it then leave the site people who do this dont want or care about your opinion

  • Barbara says:


    I am in real need of large sum of money, I am a women of color with large boobs size 44H. I need to sale pictures of my boobs on the web. Can you get my a website thats pay you for the pictures.

    Can you please e-mail me ASAP

    Thank you


  • isabela says:

    pls send me some info too,im intrested

  • shelley says:

    I am interested in posting some pics. Could you send more info?

  • not surprised says:

    this world right now is making us consider things we normally wouldn’t consider doing. and how dare any of you question what other individuals are doing? is it you? does it have anything to do with you? no. if you don’t like it then don’t look. but if you do look and hate it then you deserve to be yelled at. its their decisions and it doesn’t matter how many times you people rant on about this because do you really think they are taking you seriously? all your doing is sending negative energy out and trying to make others unhappy. shame on you. not shame on them for doing it… i applaud them for doing it because they have the balls to do it and take your bull.

  • Phoenix says:

    This is exactly what i want to do but have no idea how to start can someone please get back to me with some details of how to achieve this goal.

  • craig says:

    i thinks its a really good way of making money i would do this any day eveyone loves sex and being naked so why not show the world are bodies we come in to the world naked and we go the same way its only flesh evey one has it so why be ashamed of it i would do this for free

  • yamilex says:

    I would like to know where i could sell some of my pictures

  • Chazz says:

    wtf is “faith” doing reading this post and commenting?

  • Dip says:

    I doubt if anybody will pay any money for looking at one’s Nude Photo. There are umteen number of wesites in Interney where one get any number of Nude Photos of beauti or not so beautiful Girls, women free of any cost then why anybody should pay for your Nude Pic. People like Pics of Nude Girls with very fine and alluring figures and they get these free from Internet. Hence it is futile that any body will like to have your Nude Photo on payment UNLESS She or he has some ulterior motives.

    Hence, I think this article should now be closed.

  • amanda says:

    Trust me. I make an extra 200 a week of nude photos. I have a prepaid phone for safety and there enough perverts out there for all of us wpmen in the nude. I am an MRI tech full time.

  • samantha says:

    I think that its a good idea i just could never get away with it with my husband all though my sexy pics are definitely to die for. He better hope he never leaves me. lol

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    ps:to all the people who disagree with this way to make money..GET OFF and DONT COMMENT…jhee! ‘god’ made my body to show it off and help me with my life not for it to be buried under clothes 24/7…to everyone who is open to the idea of showing off your body…good for you.. xxx

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  • xbgirl2006 says:

    For those of you that think this is wrong, dont be rude, its not bothering/ effecting you. I think this is great, women are doing it themselves, and approving thier pictures to be on the internet, yes it would be wrong if they didnt approve, but like others said, The lord gave us a body for a reason, I think that if you chose to do this, go for it, i havent done this specifically before, but done stuff like im not a model, but my friends and fiance, and his friends say that im beautiful and should make money for being beautiful. As said above. Why are you “Haters” on here anyways, Oviously you were researching the topic or searching it so DONT HATE! Everyone needs easy money somtimes. Sorry if it offends you but im not appoligizing for making money when I deserve to!

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    There is so much free porn on the internet I often wonder why anyone would pay to look at nude pictures.

    I have no problem with people making an honest living and certainly selling nude pix of themselves is not illegal.

    One must remember that you cannot stay anonymous on the internet, it is as public a place as you can get, and yes, the internet is forever.

    I got the impression from the title that the woman was saving money by being a nudist at home and saving money on doing laundry, lol.

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    You guys all sound crazy. Yes, a womans body is beautiful…is it meant to be sold? No. Come on people. You are what the Bible has prophesied. Do we judge people who do that? No, we pray for them. Do we teach it? No, teachers of sin will be in bigger trouble because you have helped deliver more people to bad. Does that mean its ok? Absolutely not. Please tell me that at least deep down us woman collectively know this is not right!

  • Just being me says:

    Oh and your all right, we shouldnt judge you, but if someone wouldn’t of put there business in the streets, there would be no one to comment for one, for two, your judging us for protecting the moral of what we believe in. Our children and friends children will be on the internet. Do your rights to practice immoral sexual activities, overwrite or rights to defend the moral we believe in? Personally, if my child were to run into this page I would feel good that there were woman and menwhose wisdom steered my daughter in the right direction instead of her selling her body to the almighty dollar.

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    this is actually the first time i’ve commented on this, but i really think that a lot of you people are being overtly judgemental and holier than thou…get off your high horses for the love of god…this woman has found a method that helps her make some extra money in a safe and legal way…and i doubt she’s using her real name so its unlikely that they’ll come back to haunt her…would you rather she sold drugs, racked up huge debts or went hungry? this is a site for money saving, and this is an effective way of doing that, maybe if some of you were more open minded you wouldnt need to keep coming on here and insult people, and its ridiculous to slam the author for writing this, its advice, not orders…just ignore it if its not up your street…sorry for the rant…

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    To the people saying that it will affect these women in the long run, think about that. If these ladies are smart, they’ll create aliases, emails separate from their work emails, facebooks, etc, so that employers can’t find what they post on the internet (unless the employer buys her photos for his own enjoyment πŸ˜‰ ). Also, a lot of ladies conceal their face with sunglasses, wear wigs, etc. To each their own…your negative opinions toward it is not going to change their minds. As they say, if you don’t like it, why are you here reading it, or looking it up?

  • Olivia says:

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