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Do I Need A Budget? (Your Advice)

By , July 10th, 2007 | 9 Comments »

Budgets are a main foundation for a lot of people trying to get their finances in order, but is a budget always necessary? That is a question from one of the readers:

I keep reading about the importance of having a budget and I’m wondering how important it really is for someone that is spending less money than they are making? I am able to save about $1000 a month from my salary and I’m afraid to create a budget because I think that it would end up doing more harm than good for me.

This is my dilemma. If I create a budget, I think it will show me areas where I could save more money and increase my savings, but I also think that it will make my current life more miserable. I enjoy the things I’m doing and not worrying about how I spend my money, and I feel if I create a budget, I will start to obsess and deprive myself of things that I want to do and buy because a now know how much it costs. The result will be that I save more, but I won’t be happy doing it.

As I’m already putting aside some money each month without a budget, is there really a need for me to create one?

With this personal already able to save money, is there a need for her to create a budget? Is it important to know where all your money is going if each month you come out in positive territory? What advice would you give?

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