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Gas Station Credit Cards

By , May 29th, 2006 | One Comment

gas - ways to save moneyConcept: The gas companies themselves would like to partake in the money that credit cards generate, so many have introduced a branded credit card or an exclusive gas station only card.

Will You Save Money?: Yes**

Comments: Gas cards from a specific station can be a good deal if you frequent that particular station often, but are not as flexible as the gas rewards credit card or even the average reward credit card. If you do frequent a particular brand, however, their store specific card is probably worth getting due to promotions they will occasionally have that will beat the gas reward credit cards. Having both will help to ensure that you get the best discounts available.

**As with normal credit cards, if you fail to pay of your credit card balance in full each month, the interest charges you pay will likely wipe out any savings you have received from the gas station card.

**If you use the station card to purchase other items besides gas at the gas station, the more expensive prices of these items compared to your grocery store will quickly negate the savings you received for using the gas station card.

**You need to compare the rewards of the gas station card against those of other ways of paying for gas to ensure you get the best discount.

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  • search for credit card says:

    There are two different types of gas-rebate credit cards – general credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard or Discover that offer gas rebates as part of a larger reward program, and cards offered by specific oil companies that offer rebates for purchases at their particular gas stations. Unless you only use one specific brand of gas, you’re better off going with a general credit card since you’ll have more flexibility in where you purchase gas.
    Unlike other reward cards, gas rebate cards have few stings attached and can offer significant savings. If you have an average credit score, and you fill up your tank at least twice a month, gas rebate cards are a true value.


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