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Another Supporting Site

By , November 18th, 2005 | 4 Comments »

It’s been a good week with securing advertising from other websites. I received a second supporting site for this journal this week which is a bit of a surprise. Usually it takes a bit longer to find advertisers that are interested in a site.

I haven’t gone into a lot of detail of our overall plan to make it so we can both work full time on the sites but I will touch on it here (and go into more detail about it later) Our overall goal is to build a system of 30 sites. We currently have about 12. The hope is to be able to create a minimum of $50 in revenue from each site in advertising per month and have the overall average for all the sites be $100 per month. That would give us enough to both work full time on the sites when considering the current income the main site produces. It wouldn’t be a lot, but enough to survive and we figure if we can both work full time, we can make the sites and income grow even faster from there.

It’s far from easy and takes a lot of work, but the plan seems to be working thus far. If we can keep on course and continue to attract sites that want to advertise on the sites we create, we should be in a good position to have us both working full time on the sites by the end of 2007.

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  • Mike says:

    I think I am going to give linkworth a try. Did you say you are in Kobe? I am also trying to create a number of different websites. The hardest part is trying to get traffic to them. I know it takes time, but I find that the most frustrating.

  • pfadvice says:

    Yes, I’m currently based in Kobe.

    You really have to be 1/2 marketer and 1/2 writer to succeed. You can write fantastic entries, but if nobody knows you exist then nobody will be reading those articles. On the other hand, if you market, but don’t write consistently interesting articles, nobody is ever going to come back. Doing both takes a lot of time and effort and it takes time for the word to spread.

    The last key is persistence. There are so many quality blogs that have disappeared because the person just became frustrated that nobody was finding or reading the blog.

    Even knowing these three things, it doesn’t take away the frustration of wanting your site to grow at a quicker pace.

    As I mentioned before, linkworth is a nice compliment to other ad revenue streams. It doesn’t cost anything to join and it can provide a base of monthly income that you can count on if you can attract advertisers. It’s certainly worth a try as it’s free to join and like I mentioned previously, it brings in several hundred dollars a month for me on all my sites.

  • Mike says:

    Would you be interested in some kind of partnership for a site I am planning? Please send me an email if you are interested and I can explain what I am thinking of doing.


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