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"When I was young I thought money was the most important thing in life. Now that I'm old--I know it is." - Oscar Wilde

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Deals and Freebies on Presidents’ Day

By , February 19th, 2017

Presidents’ Day, also known as Washington’s Birthday, is one of those holidays we always seem to forget about unless you work in a bank. Being that it is a federal holiday, some government establishments (and, of course, banks) will be closed for the day. But, retailers will be taking full advantage by having deals and […]


Where to Find Rare Game Pieces for Albertsons’ Monopoly

By , February 14th, 2017

If you’re familiar with the Albertsons’ Monopoly promotion, then you know it’s no secret that your chances of winning the jackpot prize are extremely difficult. This year, the big cash prize is $1,000,000 once again. But, don’t get your hopes up; there are still only three available. In order to win one of the bigger […]


Alternative Uses for Chocolate Boxes

By , February 10th, 2017

In a few days, we will be overrun by chocolates and stuffed animals, not to mention the colors red and pink. Valentine’s Day is the holiday critics love to hate, but it won’t stop that one holiday-loving co-worker from leaving you a cute sentiment in the form of assorted candy. (And who would want to […]


Walmart Savings Catcher App Review

By , February 9th, 2017

If you hate spending time comparing prices from stores in your areas all the time, Walmart has a solution. No matter who you are, you could always use¬†extra savings. Walmart built its business on the concept of providing consumers with low prices and a variety of merchandise. Throughout the years, the company has followed through […]


How the Super Bowl Affects the Stock Market

By , February 7th, 2017

Maybe it is superstition, maybe there is some truth to it, but many investors believe that the outcome of the Super Bowl has an effect on the stock market. Although the two don’t seem to be related at all, many people who invest in the New York Stock exchange or the NASDAQ believe this to […]


Cheap Pet Insurance Comparisons

By , February 1st, 2017

We sign up for health insurance for ourselves, but what about our furry companions? Many of us view our pets like family, myself included. One of the best parts of my day is coming home from work to be greeted by my dog and cat’s adorable faces. They always seem to know when I need […]


Do Credit Card Reward Points Help You Build Wealth?

By , January 27th, 2017

Strategies and reasons for using a credit card vary from person to person. From improving your credit score or using them for the rewards, they have¬†several uses. In fact, many cards do provide benefits for each time you swipe, but do credit card reward points help you build wealth? A credit card can be a […]


Are MLM Companies a Scam?

By , January 26th, 2017

Multi-level Marketing (MLM) has been seen as a controversial way of making an income. Many refer to them as “pyramid schemes” since they often involve recruiting team members who sell under you, from which you profit. However, despite the criticisms, millions of people use direct selling as a source of income. In fact, in 2015, […]


How to Take Advantage of Free Trials

By , January 23rd, 2017

When wanting to try out a new product or service, it’s always nice to get a free trial or sample. Luckily, there are several companies who do provide free trials before your purchase. But, what’s the best way to take advantage of them? A Free Trial Hack to Try Many trials for services typically last […]


Dog-Friendly Restaurants with Free Pet Treats

By , January 20th, 2017

Surprisingly, dog-friendly restaurants exist all around us, which is great news for dog-lovers. As man’s best friend, it’s nice to know certain establishments love our furry friends as much as we do. Of course, Spot still can’t join you in a sit-down restaurant due to health department regulations (unless he is a service dog), but […]

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