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"Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce." - President James A. Garfield

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Stores Open and Closed on Father’s Day

By , June 16th, 2017

Father’s Day falls on the third Sunday every June. Although this holiday is consistent, which businesses remain open or closed for Dad’s day is not. Much like Mother’s Day, many of us like to take our dads out for a nice meal or perhaps may even need to pick up a last-minute gift. Even though […]


A FIREcalc Review

By , June 12th, 2017

The financial resources available online are never ending. Whether you want to track your weekly spending or plan out your retirement, you can find several options on the internet through any search engine. And, when, it comes to retirement, there is really no such thing as planning too early. At least, not if you want […]


Financial Management on a Weekly Budget

By , June 9th, 2017

If you dream of financial success but find yourself falling short of your goals, it may be time to develop a plan. Both budgeting and savingsĀ build stability and help to lead to wealth. These two aspects of personal finances are the foundation for your desired success. But, if there is no follow-through, knowing what it […]


A cFIREsim Review: What Is It and Is It Worth It?

By , June 5th, 2017

Last month, I turned 30. Although I feel the best I have in ages, retirement is surely on the mind. Not only does the topic come up each year that I get older, but it comes up in my career planning as well. Yes, IĀ do hope to be one of the lucky ones to retire […]


Can I Live Off the Interest of $1 Million?

By , June 2nd, 2017

Despite recent opinions, $1 million dollars still seems like a lot of money (unless, of course, you’re a billionaire). When you invest your money into a retirement fund or put your money into savings, you are often rewarded with interest that accrues over time on the amount. How much that accrues, though, depends on theĀ length […]


Memorial Day Deals and Freebies 2017

By , May 27th, 2017

If you are in need of certain items, Memorial Day can be the perfect time to take advantage of some great deals. Most retail stores will be open for the holiday hoping to get your business. But what are those Memorial Day deals and freebies? While you should avoid splurging on useless items, the following […]


Is Credit Sesame Safe?

By , May 22nd, 2017

Every so often, we need to check our credit score to make sure we are financially stable. If you do not do this currently, you really should. Knowing our credit score helps to keep us on track with financial goals as well as know where there is room for improvement. Many tools exist to inform […]


Is Credit Sesame Accurate?

By , May 18th, 2017

When checking our credit score online, it’s imperative that the information we have is legitimate. One helpful tool that came into existence just a few years ago is Credit Sesame. The free online platform tracks and checks your credit score, which is important to know to see where we stand financially. However, with so many […]


How Does LuLaRoe Sizing Compare? (And Is It Cheaper?)

By , May 8th, 2017

The patterned leggings, the unicorns, the “outfits of the day,” and more; the LuLaRoe line shows no signs of stopping its inventory anytime soon, despite their recent incident. It’s where “fashion meets comfort” and provides women everywhere with an opportunity for a side or full-time income. If you’re familiar with their merchandise, you most likely […]


How Much Interest Will I Earn on $100,000?

By , May 5th, 2017

We go through life hearing of the same financial advice: save money, create a passive income, and start investing. But, whether IĀ invest in a retirement fund or the stock market or a savings account, what interestĀ can IĀ earn on this money? How much interest will I earn on $100,000, specifically? Interest and Investing There are different […]

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