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Stock Market Holiday Schedule 2017

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TheNYSE and NASDAQ holiday schedule for 2015
The two best known stock markets in the US are the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the NASDAQ. The two together are generally considered “the stock market” when people are discussing stocks in the US. Both the NYSE and NASDAQ have the exact same holiday schedule, so they’re open and closed on the same days throughout the year. This makes knowing stock market holidays a lot easier than if they had separate holiday schedules. Below you’ll find the stock market holiday schedule for the year 2017 — all times are Eastern Standard Time (EST).

2017 Stock Market Holidays and Short Days

Holiday NYSE & NASDAQ Date
New Year’s Day Closed January 1, 2017
Martin Luther King Jr. Day Closed January 16, 2017
Presidents’ Day Closed February 20, 2017
Good Friday Closed April 14, 2017
Easter Sunday Closed April 16, 2017
Memorial Day Closed May 29, 2017
Independence Day Closed July 4, 2017
Labor Day Closed September 4, 2017
Columbus Day Open October 9, 2017
Veterans Day Closed November 11, 2017
Thanksgiving Day Closed November 23, 2017
Day After Thanksgiving Open until 1:00 pm November 24, 2017
Christmas Eve Closed December 24, 2017
Christmas Day Closed December 25, 2017
New Year’s Eve Closed December 31, 2017
New Year’s Day Closed January 1, 2018

As you can see from the stock market holiday schedule above, the stock markets don’t follow a strict federal holiday schedule for when they are open and closed. Columbus Day is an official federal holiday, but the stock market remains open and running on that day. That being said, the markets are closed for the majority of federal holidays. These include New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day,¬†Presidents’ Day (officially Washington’s Birthday), Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

The only day the stock markets close that isn’t an official federal holiday are Good Friday (April 14, 2017). This is because they are holidays which land on Saturday and Sunday (Good Friday replaces Easter, which is on a Sunday).

In addition, there is one day during the year when the stock markets close earlier than usual. The stock market closes early on the day after Thanksgiving. Both the NYSE and the NASDAQ will only be open for a shortened session until 1:00 pm on Black Friday.

For any other holiday not listed above, you can assume that both the NYSE and NASDAQ will be open for business during their typical hours for that day. Both stock markets are typically closed on Saturday and Sunday, so if a holiday lands on one of these two days, you can assume the markets are closed due to the day of the week, and not the holiday which happens to land on that day. For example, the stock markets are closed on Mother’s Day, but they are also closed on all Sundays. It’s important to note the above list only notes the planned days the stock markets will be closed. There are other events which may also close the markets from time to time such as extreme weather.

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