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How to Make Extra Money on Your Company Blog

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Make Extra Money on Company Blog
A company blog is a great way to engage your customers, keep them informed of industry news, and easily communicate  offers, promotions or updates. Not only is creating an online space completely affordable with software, such as the website builder available from 1&1, a blog also offers plenty of potential for actually generating an extra income. Through your blog, you are no doubt already seeking to provide industry insights, recommendations and reviews – all of which could earn you money in the process. As long as honest, valuable and relevant content remains the focus, there is no reason why bloggers should not tap into these potential revenue streams. Here are some simple yet effective ways to monetize your blog.

Affiliate Links

With the affiliate marketing industry estimated to grow to $6.8 billion over the next five years, this is undoubtedly a viable income channel that bloggers can – and should – tap into. Affiliate marketing consists of posting a link to your favorite products, for example, and receiving a small commission for any purchases made as a result. Linking to products that are relevant to your industry and will be of genuine interest to your readers is key to monetizing your blog in an ethical manner and sites like Viglink make it easy to join a number of affiliate marketing programs in one go.

Feature a Mini Marketplace

Integrating an instant marketplace is another way to further engage with your target audience whilst increasing your blog’s earning potential. Unlike an all-out ecommerce store, a marketplace allows you to feature products from a collection of different vendors, creating a tailor-made shop that is highly relevant to both your blog’s content and your readers. Setting up a marketplace can be done via WordPress or with plugins such as Ubokia, with commission usually paid into your PayPal account as a small percentage of the sale.

Make Use of Advertising Space

Most blog themes now come with designated advertising space, so it makes sense to utilize it. Selling ad space can provide bloggers with a substantial passive income and, when approached strategically, need not disturb your readers. Ads can be featured in many different ways, from advertising widgets on a Pay Per Click basis, to selling ad space in order to display banners. The more readers you have, the higher your earning potential through PPC advertising, but this doesn’t mean your blog has to be viral in order for you to cash in; advertising is just as viable for blogs with a modest but steady traffic flow, and should not be overlooked.

Create a Job Board

If the scope exists within your niche, featuring a job board or “Hire Me” space is a great way to connect freelancers and employers within your industry. By charging a small fee to post a job or freelancer profile, you ensure the offers are genuine whilst adding another revenue stream to your blog. Creating a mini network also gives readers another reason to visit your blog, which is highly beneficial when it comes to boosting site traffic – and thus earning potential.

Do it for Your Readers

Whichever methods you choose, keeping the reader in mind at all times is crucial to successfully monetizing your blog. Every commercial feature should be seen not only as an opportunity to make money but, most importantly, another channel through which to engage with your readers. By featuring product reviews, links, and adverts that are highly relevant to your readership, you can enhance the value of your blog and generate extra income without compromising on integrity.

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